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Marketing Automation

Morphymail Email Marketer

Morphymail is an automated desktop-based bulk email sending software. It is designed to send unlimited email messages to unlimited distribution lists. The efficient data handling ability automatically sends personalized messages to each receiver of your newsletter or ad campaign. Each message is sent separately.

The email message can be composed from scratch using the full set of formatting tools available in the software. Otherwise you can choose from around 500, professionally designed, built in email templates. These email templates let you plug your content into an existing template saving you time in designing new templates for every new campaign. That means you get to spend more time creating content and less time on tedious design work. Build your brand right into the template itself such as your colors, and logo and create a brand experience that your subscribers want to interact with again and again.

Morphymail features include built in email verifier, fast and easy both web based and pop3 based subscriptions-unsubscriptions and bounce management, creation of opt-in lists, superfast export and import of distribution lists, black listing of domains and email ids etc.

Morphymail provides email delivery tracking through its tracking web portal. You will get opens, clicks, and location details of your recipients. The data that you get with tracking emails allows you to send better emails and much better follow-ups that are specific to each case so that you increase the chance of a conversion. Example :-If someone clicked on a specific link, in your follow-up, you could provide more value-based around that link.



MoprhyMail provides scripts for website forms for both ASP and LINUX(PHP) based websites. You need to copy the code to your contact us page on the website and customize the fields to collect form data. When your website visitor enters the data , it is imported into separate lists in your MorphyMail automatically.

A website form is a medium that allows your visitors to get in contact with you and to send information, such as an order, a catalog request, or even a query, which is passed on to your database. A web form often acts as a communication bridge that allows a user to communicate with a company and vice versa. Illogical and inappropriate questions can hamper the company image quite easily. Use the Website Forms option provided by Morphymail to create sensible website forms for your website.


Embed autoplay videos which play automatically when email is opened.

Embed your own images during email message composing.

Navigation panel

groups all the different groups to access the software functionalities.


gives access to all the main functionalities of the software.


Unlike other email service providers, MorphyMail does not restrict users based on number of contacts. You can create unlimited lists with unlimited recipients in each list.


MorphyMail allows you to import contacts with full fields from MS Excel, Clipboard, POP3 email accounts, .txt files , MS SQL and MySQL databases using the CRM section etc.MS Excel csv files with multiple columns like first name, postal address etc can be used for subject and email body personalization.

Schedule message later

Schedule your campaign sending for a later time. Scheduling emails is essential when dealing with clients in different time zones. You should be at the top of their inbox. Here you can quickly schedule emails or messages. You can schedule for one time or show thoughtfulness by scheduling recurring emails. Schedule mail window has 4 sections,

It provides 4 types of scheduling: One time, Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

Send from multiple SMTPs through shifting

The SMTP setting option opens the SMTP settings window where you can specify the smtp you are using for sending the email campaign.

While mails are being sent, smtp will rotate after each email, allowing you to send more emails if a single smtp has limitations on the number of emails sent.


Morphymail has marketing automation tools like automatic duplicate filter which prevents sending emails to duplicate addresses.


Morphymail sends email by establishing 50 simultaneous connections so that you get an increased speed of delivery than any other email marketing software.


In case your campaign sending gets interrupted due to internet connection break or computer crash or mail-pause button click, you can resend the campaign where the emails only goes to the non-send addresses in the previous mailing. Choose Campaigns option to view the history of campaigns sent previously. You can complete campaigns by sending to unsent email ids or resend to all the recipients.

Spam Checker

Check spam allows you to check your spam score.

Spam filters perform regular tests on mail messages to determine if they are spam or not. Most of them work on a spam score system, so that the occurrence of just one “spam phrase” probably will not trigger rejection. But if your spam score is too high, your message will get blocked, even if it is well designed and formatted.

Before sending your newsletters, always remember to perform a spam check. This tool will tell you what your spam score is, based on the SpamAssassin rules. If you get a big score (ex. more than 5) then it is better that you adjust your newsletter before sending. Always save deliverability by avoiding all those “spam” words

Built in Email Verifier

Validate the email addresses in your contact using  this  built-in email verifier module. It validates each contact by checking the syntax  and mx name.

Syntax:- A typical email address consists of three components

  1. Username:- The first part is the  unique name called username.
  2. @ Symbol:- “@,” symbol is the second part of an email address.
  3. Domain :-The last part of an email address is the domain, which can consist of two parts: the mail server(eg:- gmail) and the top-level domain(eg:- .com).

             If the email id is not in the form <username>@, it is invalid.

MX record :- A mail exchanger record (MX record) specifies the mail server responsible for accepting email messages on behalf of a domain name. It is a resource record in the Domain Name System (DNS).The MX record for the domain of email id does not exist, DNS is not configured properly. Then the email id is invalid.

Black listing

Use black list option to specify the domains or email ids to which you want to avoid sending your newsletters or ad campaigns.

Email delivery tracking

Email Delivery reports option allows to Register or Login to the email delivery tracking portal. It also allows you to insert the tracking code obtained from your account into your email campaign before sending it. is an online service which allows you to track your campaigns. It gives you details of how many people opened your newsletter, how many of them actually clicked on links, and the geo location of your recipients. It displays collected data using detailed charts.

Analyze email campaigns with google analytics

Choose this option to create an account in Google analytics or login into your google analytics account. You can also integrate Google Analytics with the links in your email. By adding campaign parameters to the destination URLs in your ad campaigns, you can collect information about the overall efficacy of those campaigns, and also understand where the campaigns are more effective.

Multiple ways to Manage subscriptions

Allows you to insert unsubscription links to your newsletters. Unsubscription links are important for maintaining healthy email lists. Morphymail allows 2 types of unsubscription through your email: Web-based unsubscription and Pop3-based unsubscription.

Pop3-based unsubscription.

You will also get the pop3-based unsubscription and subscription links here for inserting into your email.

The email recipients not interested in the newsletters will click on the unsubscribe link, then a message with “Unsubscribe” in the subject line is sent to this email address.

You can add pop3 settings to your mailbox that is used for collecting subscriptions and unsubscriptions. Once you add these settings, you can add subscribed email ids to your existing distribution lists and unsubscribe the unsubscribed email ids from your existing lists.

Web based unsubscription

When a recipient clicks on a web based unsubscribe link in the received email, the recipient’s email id will be added to your web based unsubscription list. To process these web based unsubscriptions,  click on Process Unsubscriptions, your web based unsubscription list will be referred and those email ids will be unsubscribed from all your distribution lists automatically

Manage bounce backs

A bounce-back email is one that never arrives in the recipient’s inbox and is sent back, or bounced back, to the sender with an error message that indicates to the sender that the email was never successfully transmitted. Manage bounce backs allows you to add pop3 settings of your sender email id and to collect the hard and soft bounced email ids and remove/unsubscribe them from your existing distribution lists.

The soft bounces available here are,

  • Mail Block
  • Auto reply
  • Virus notification
  • Challenged
  • Address changed
  • Failure
  • Relayed

Export contacts

Export option allows you to export data from a distribution list to a .csv or .xls  format file. After selecting the list to be exported, you can choose one of the available exporting methods. The methods available are Export All, Export only subscribed addresses, Export only unsubscribed addresses and Export only disabled addresses.

Backup contact list and campaign history to avoid data loss during re-installations.

The backup option allows 2 types of backups. Backup for History allows you to save your current state of campaign history to a local. Bak file. Backup for list allows you to save your current distribution lists and their contents to a local. Bak file.

Restore database allows you to replace the current history or list database of the software with a previously saved (using the Backup Database option) history or list database.

Before uninstalling the software take backups and after installation restore those files.

Bounce management

Manage Misc bounce allows you to remove or delete all types of bounced emails except hard and soft bounces.

CRM module

Allows you to fetch the contact details stored in a mysql or mssql database to your distribution lists. You can connect your website form to a database and website form fill-ups will be automatically stored in the database. Use the CRM option to populate your chosen list with these form fill-ups from the database. Thus create your own opt-in lists.

Startup Wizard

The startup wizard guides the user through the whole email marketing procedure in Morphymail one step at a time. The Morphymail Startup wizard is designed to make the complicated campaign creation and sending procedure as easy as possible for the user. By splitting up the task into a sequence of steps, Morphymail has effectively simplified the email marketing task.


WYSIWYG stands for the What You See Is What You Get editor. It is a tool that helps users format and structure email. The main advantages of a WYSIWYG email editor are that you can do it yourself with ease, you can experiment with colors and layouts. Thus users can design beautiful email newsletters even without any  knowledge of  HTML. Defining the Icons in Editor below

The WYSIWYG Editor allows 3 views

  1. WYSIWYG Design Mode : Default WYSIWYG Editor for naive users
  2.  HTML Edit Mode :  View/Edit HTML source code of the page for experts
  3. Preview Mode : This will show you the content inserted so far, as it appears in the browser.

Message personalisation

To send customized messages (as opposed to generalized messages), in the message subject line and body (both in the HTML section and in the plain text section) you can insert mail merge . Each mail merge is actually a field reference: when the message is sent, the mail merge is replaced by a value read from the recipient’s text in the specified field.

 For instance, if we  include a [Name]  and [LastName] mail merge , by selecting from the Body mail merge dropdown in the message body like:

Dear [Name] [LastName] ,

the recipient will receive a customized message like (example):

Dear Allison Taylor ,

 It is also possible to use fixed mail merge (field name independent mail merge) that are referred to as Field1, Field2  and so on up to  Field6.

If you want personalisation check Enable Mail Merge  option, you will get options for inserting mail merge in both subject and body separately as shown

Send Attachments

Allows you to attach file(s) to your email newsletter.

Add multiple files as attachment. You can compress your file(s) into a single zip file and attach this zip file to your email.

Cent Mail Delivery Engine

Multiple SMTPs can be added into the SMTP ROTATION LIST to send more emails at once. Popular SMTP which our clients use is g-suite by google (google apps). Our clients order at least 10 user accounts with g-suite and add all of them to the list and send 500*10=5000 emails daily in a single click. (Cost of g-suite smtp is only $3 per month per user account). Signup for g-suite smtp here –

Morphymail Social bookmarking

 Morphymail Social bookmarking allows email recipients to add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks of the web documents you share in your newsletter or campaign email.  Posting interesting content that appeals to a larger audience will lead to awareness of your website and increase website traffic.

500+  well designed professional email  Templates

are available through this option. Templates allow the user to create email quickly like a professional. The templates are divided into 32 categories as shown below for user’s convenience.

Click on the template you like. It will appear in the message editor section as shown.
You can easily edit the text content, change formats or images, add links to create your own attractive newsletter.

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