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Morphy Email Verifier 2.0

Gets you to the inbox

Why do you need Morphy email verifier?

Bounces, spam complaints, and low open rates are signs that you need to verify your email list.

Buy our bulk email verifier and get rid of poor quality contacts, reduce bounces, and boost metrics.


How Morphy Email Verifier works?

There are 4 steps in the verification process.

1.    Syntax Check

The first step performs “syntax” checks and ensures that each email address conforms to internationally set email standards (RFC). This also checks for correct formatting and for the presence of any invalid characters not present in the email addresses.

2.    Domain Lookup

Second step checks for the domain name (the part after @) existence.

3.    MX Lookup

Next step checks that the domain has been configured to accept emails (MX record lookup).

4.    User Exists or not

The Last step is to check if the user(the part before @) exists. We initiate a connection to the mail server, retrieve the response and abort the process before an email is sent.


Verify CSV or text files

  • Multiple levels of checking for accurate validation. Syntax check makes it possible to check whether an email address is spelled correctly — has no spaces, commas, and all the @s, dots, and domain extensions are in the right place. Domain check allows you to be sure the domain name the email address is hosted on actually exists, is registered, and working properly on the hosting domain. Email ping is the most sophisticated step of email verification. Email ping is the technical process of an email verifier service pinging the exact email address with a HELO message, then awaiting the ELHO response from the email server. The received server response will confirm the email address actually exists on the server and is active.
  • No data loss. Export validated email ids along with all other fields to a local CSV or txt file. You can also export invalid ids.
  • Scalability — Morphy Email verifier service can verify small lists and large email lists. Though checking bigger email lists takes longer, it is still done almost instantly.
  • Speed — 400 records per minute. All input fields in the CSV file will be retained in the output validated file
  • Connectivity — CSV and TXT are the most common file formats used in email marketing add-ons for handling bulk contacts. So, Morphy, an email verifier can be used easily within an email marketing process, and you can easily connect your email verifier or can be integrated it with other email marketing add-ons such as email generation tools, email sending tools, email list management tools, and more, because it can verify CSV and text files and can output CSV or text file.

Morphy email verifier saves you time, money and optimizes your resources and the overall process of email/outbound marketing.



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